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Why should I go to the Walk-in Clnic?

If you feel like you should seek medical care for a minor illness, the Walk-in Clinic is for you. Our Walk-in Clinic prides itself on its ability to offer quality medical services at your convenience and at low cost for patients paying cash.

Is the Walk-in Clinic an Urgent Care or Emergency Room?
No, we consider ourselves a Minor Care Clinic.  The difference is that we have limited the scope of problems we care for in the Walk-in Clinic to those common complaints which we can address for a low cost to the patient.  

How can we charge so much less than Emergency Room and Urgent Care centers?

Family Medical Care's Walk-in Clinic is staffed by Practitioners trained in primary healthcare. Family Medical Care's Walk-in Clinic limits its scope of practice to those common conditions, in patients 2 years and older, that can be diagnosed and treated with only a few simple tests, and in a short period of time. This allows the Walk-in Clinic to avoid much of the overhead costs that other facilities incur.

What type of payment does the Walk-in Clinic

Family Medical Care's Walk-in Clinic accepts cash, check, or debit/credit cards. Payment is expected at time of service. You will be provided with a statement that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Can you bill my insurance?
Yes, when you provide a valid insurance card for any insurance we accept, we will bill insurance for you.  When we bill your insurance, we will bill at our standard contracted office rates.  These rates are contracted between your insurance provider and the Walk-in clinic and are typically higher than the Walk-in Clinic fees.  You are only eligible for our Walk-in clinic fee schedule if you pay for services in full at the time of service with cash, check or credit card. 
In summary, if you wish us to bill your insurance, we want you to be informed:

  • The Providers of the Walk-in Clinic. have a contract with your insurance company. 
  • Your insurance company will require the Walk-in Clinic to bill your insurance directly at our contracted rates.
  • The Walk-in clinic cash prices are different from the offices contracted insurance rates.
  • The posted Walk-in prices are available only for cash patients who pay in full with cash, check or credit card.
  • The Walk-in Clinic. CAN NOT provide its lower cash price if we bill your insurance. 
  • What you pay in the Walk-in Clinic when we bill your insurance will be your insurance co-pay, if you have one. 
  • There could be a balance to pay after your insurance has processed your charges related to your insurance deductible or co-insurance %.
  • You will be responsible for any balance indicated by your insurance company.
  • You will be billed the balance by mail.

Can you bill my Insurance at the low cash prices available at the Walk-in Clinic?
The Walk-in Clinic cash prices are only available to those patients who pay in full at the time of service using cash, check or credit card. 
The reason why we can provide our low prices to patients who pay at the time of service is that we do not incur the expense of billing insurance.  If we bill your insurance we will bill at our standard office rates. 

What if my problem is not on the Walk-in Clinic Menu of Services. Can I still be seen today?
If you have a problem which is not on our Menu of Services, and thus is not eligible for the Minor Care fee schedule, you may still be seen, but may be referred to our Family Practice provider on site.  Patients with more complex problems not on the Walk-in Clinic Menu of Services will be charged an appropriately higher fee. 

What kind of costs could I expect if my problem was more complex and I paid cash for my visit?
Typically for more complex problems the office visit fees will be between $88.00 and $126.00 if paid at the time of service with cash, check or credit card.  Otherwise, we can bill your insurance at our contracted office rates. 

What kinds of problems would be considered higher complexity
The Following Problems are higher complexity and may be seen by our Family Practice Physician if available.  They are specifically excluded from the Minor Care fee schedule:  Chest pain, Undiagnosed/New headaches, Abdominal pain, Nausea/Vomiting in small children, Children less than 2 years of age, Eye Trauma, Foreign body in the eye or corneal abrasion, Lacerations, Auto accidents, Trauma, Fractures, Asthma, Work/insurance/special adult physical forms, Complex problems initially presenting as minor problems. 

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